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There are many local organizations in Hong Kong that are aimed to assist in legal, economic and social issues of Foreign Domestic Workers. Thanks to them, thousands of lives have changed for the better. These includes more income sent back to their families after having solved their placement fees, properly exercise their rights, have a steady payroll without delayed salary pay from their employers, assisted management over their financial and social problems, and the list goes on to the numerous contributions from all of them.


​This website is created to simply connect all the wondrous and hardworking Domestic Workers to some prominent assisting organizations because we, the Hong Kong community, owe it to the Foreign Domestic Workers' community as they have been a part of our culture for more than 40 years and have become an essential part of our culture and lifestyle. 

Open Door

Open Door aims to improve the overall working and living conditions of Foreign Domestic Workers in Hong Kong, through educational, literary, cultural, and other activities which include promoting mutual understanding and respect among communities, document stories and encourage social inclusion.

Call: 6848 6914


Christian Action

Christian Action serves the poor, disadvantaged, marginalized, displaced or abandoned. It partners with local government, other organizations to develop sustainable programs that aim to educate, assist and empower this populace.

Call: 2382 3339


Enrich is the leading Hong Kong charity promoting the economic empowerment of migrant domestic workers. This organization help migrant women save, budget and plan for their future with various education programmes in migrant worker languages.


Call: 2386 5811


Helper for Domestic Helpers

Since 1989, HDH has helped over 25,000 members of the domestic working community. It provides free legal services that are funded by donations and with the help of dedicated volunteers with various professional background, including a number of lawyers.


Call: 2523 4020


Mission for Migrant Workers

Established in 1981, MFMW is the longest existing independent service provider and a registered charitable organization that is dedicated to assist Asian migrants and develop self-sustaining capacities of migrant’s organizations for mutual aid and cooperation. It is also an outreach program in St. John's Cathedral.

Call: 2522 8264



PathFinders give migrant mothers the tools to make informed decisions from understanding their rights and legal obligations. This organization removes mothers from immediate danger and provide a support network.

Call: 5500 5486

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